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Scariest Tribute to Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs


The Fairest
...and the Scariest
of Them All

Walt Disney's animated classic Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937) is truly the only genuine Walt Disney movie - a good old-fashioned fairytale with fantasy, fun, beauty, wonder, and some truly dramatic and scary moments providing the most perfect balance of light and dark ever seen in any animated feature produced by the Disney Studios. The result is motion picture entertainment at its very best.

Nevertheless, one may wonder what kind of epic adventure Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs would have been if all preliminary story sketches were developed into the final movie. The images on this front page represent major sequences that were planned for the movie but ultimately scrapped ("Snow White's Dream Sequence" and "The Captured Prince"). As opposite as these specific images are in their individual beauty and brutality, they are bound up with each other in a spectacular way that reveals exactly why the planned, complete story of Disney's Snow White would have been a functional one indeed.

Other ultimately scrapped sequences for the movie included the Dwarfs building a bed for Snow White and a wintry prologue with Snow White's mother wishing for a daughter while sitting at a window. Curiously, these two scenes have become standards in later storybook versions of Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (for example, in the original Little Golden Book and the 1977 Read-Along version, and also in the "Complete Story of Walt Disney's Snow White", first published in 1937 and reprinted in 1987). Further publications, such as the Golden Stamp Book of 1957, have expanded the movie story with several intriguing details. Even the scrapped subplot of "The Captured Prince" did find its way into the very first official comic book adaptation of the movie. Initially published as a serial on American newspapers between December 1937 and April 1938, this legendary comic book version was adapted by Merrill de Maris, who had worked in the movie's original story adaptation team. In this official comic book the Prince is actually captured by the Evil Queen, but without the heavy chains and terrifying torture featured in the abandoned concept.

Because of these various different storybook and comic book versions, it is quite difficult to draw the line in what is the official complete story of Walt Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

Thus, with this Tribute KenNetti puts together some of the most intriguing and important strands of story from the abandoned concepts and Disney's official Snow White literature. This Tribute, more than typical fan-fiction, celebrates the "unseen" extremely epic Walt Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, concentrating on the abandoned subplot involving a young mischievous Prince who gets acquainted to real adult world within one night of indescribable horrors - featuring a psychotic Queen depending on a Magic Mirror to be "the Fairest One of All" and a young beautiful Princess living in a fantasy world of her own.

Most of the images have been extensively processed for this entirely revised and expanded KenNetti Tribute to give a fresh - and more thorough - view into the subject. All artwork, however, is based on the original movie art and / or preliminary sketches (or other commercial art) for Walt Disney's 1937 classic Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. The revised Tribute includes also a supplementary section of "Disney Dungeons", an analysis featuring a closer look to the true dark side - bondage, abuse and torture - of classic Disney animation and comics.

To learn more - and to see more pictures - just click forward to the next page or choose your favorite destination from the main index listing (below) which is also found on each individual page of this "Scariest Tribute"! Please notice that some details of the subject offer links also to other sections of the KenNetti site.

W A R N I N G :

KenNetti strongly recommends that young children and other faint-hearted guests should be accompanied by a responsible adult when getting acquainted to this "Scariest Tribute" and its images.


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KenNetti Presents
T H E - F A I R E S T

Scariest Tribute to Disney's Snow White
and the Seven Dwarfs

Research, analyse, text,
and image processing by
Kenneth Sundberg

Very special thanks to
Charles Routh

All original artwork © Disney

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Front Page
The Fairest ...and the Scariest of Them All
Introduction to KenNetti's "Scariest Tribute"
The Scariest Tribute Main Index
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Page 2
A Doomed Love Triangle
The Original 1934 Prince Charming
The Prince, the Princess ...and the Queen
Death of the Dramatic Subplot

Page 3
Dark Secrets of the Dungeon
The Prince Is Captured
Taunted by the Queen,
Tortured by the Wicked Witch

Skeletons in a Dark Ride

Page 4
The Rescue of the Prince
A Cruel Drowning Attempt
Miranda and the Doves to the Rescue
An Alternate Witch Demise

Page 5
An Epic Love Story
Snow White's Dream Sequence
Spell of the Magic Wishing Apple
The Happy Ending

Page 6
The 1937 Merrill de Maris Comic Book
The Legendary Official Comic Book Version
A Less-Scary Captured Prince Subplot
The "Scariest Tribute" Image Gallery

Page 7
"Disney Dungeons" - Part I
So you think Disney means only
sunshine and happiness?
Take a look at
some of the most shocking scenes of
capture, bondage, abuse and torture
from the authentic Disney cartoons,
comics and movies.

Page 8
"Disney Dungeons" - Part II
Featuring Prince Phillip

Page 9
"Disney Dungeons" - Part III
Featuring Aladdin


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