Snow White's Scary Adventures
"Lumikin Pelottavat Seikkailut"

Ever since Disney's Snow White started her frightening
adventures in California's Disneyland in 1955, there has
been heavy accusation against her dark ride and its
counterparts in Disney theme parks. Parents say Snow White
Scary Adventures
is too scary for the little ones and complain
the lack of furry critters and funny dwarfs.
Others say the attraction is just boring.

To appreciate Snow White’s Scary Adventures, one must
return to the roots of Walt Disney's 1937 animated movie
masterpiece Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. One must
also know a little bit about the history of dark rides – and the
"order of appearance" of the Snow White attractions and
their remodeled versions. When seen through new eyes,
even the most critical opponent might admit that
Snow White’s Scary Adventures
captures the darker essence
of Disney's cinematic triumph most beautifully.

The Snow White ride is currently found at California's
Japan's Tokyo Disneyland, and
Disneyland Paris
in France. The ride version in
Florida's Walt Disney World was permanently
closed in early summer 2012. We hope that the three
remaining rides will not suffer the same fate.

KenNetti sincerely hopes that this Tribute
helps people to find the true meaning – the dark
but wonderfully luminous heart – of Snow White’s
Scary Adventures.

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